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Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and woman who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

"I was a stressed out, burnt out teacher in a tremendous amount of debt. I was searching for a way to achieve more time freedom while still earning a good income. These days I get to work from home around my two kids and have earned more in a month than I used to earn in an entire year in my teaching profession." 

Lise Reitsma 

'After 24 years of long hours running my own training/consulting business - approaching my 60's - I wanted time for myself, while still generating a very healthy income. With this business, I've been able to exceed my previous income, while only doing a 30 hour week, and the programs have given me new energy and inspiration!"  

Mark Klaasen 

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Jonathan & Shani

Hi, we are Jonathan and Shani, thanks for stopping by our website.

We have been running an online business in the Personal Development and Wealth Creation industries for a few years now. The business helped us to shift our thinking and our lives as a result of using our Personal Development programs and being part of a like-minded community.

The business also gives us the flexibility to work when it suits us and have a better work/life balance. Another great aspect of our business is to be able to contribute and assist other people to change their lives for the better.

We are passionate about assisting men and women create better results in their lives personally and professionally by utilising our business model and life-changing personal development programs.

One thing the people we work with have in common is the desire to create a better life for themselves where they have full control of their time and income.

At our Super Saturday one day business training event held at The Hilton Sydney

We love the flexibility and portability of this business and being able to work from anywhere.

One of our passions is spending time outdoors, exploring national parks across NSW.

Having fun on an Hot Air Balloon ride

THE PROBLEM THAT LED ME HERE:  My background is in the finance industry working for one of the 4 Big Banks in Australia.
I was very grateful to have this job as it allowed me to settle in Australia but it came at a price that I always needed to be at a certain place for a certain time and working by other people's expectations to hit certain business goals that kept on moving. I wanted to have more flexibility and be in a position where I didn’t have a ceiling on what I could earn. Because at the end of the day the job only pays you what the job is worth, not what you are worth.

Jonathan is a chef and has a big passion for food. He was running our catering business for 8 years. After many years in the industry, he got to the point of burnout and decided he needed to step out of the kitchen and the hospitality industry.

We both realised that things need to change and the answer is online.

THE BUSINESS THAT WAS A BOOM: We were lucky enough to come across this business, it ticked all the boxes for us.
We were already passionate about personal development education and we could see that anyone who decides to back themselves up and do the work can be successful here. This business is fully flexible and portable - you can work from anywhere any time of the day or night.
The level of training and support in this business is exceptional and we didn’t come across it anywhere else.
The business is constantly expanding throughout the world and we have a presence in over 150 countries and growing.

If you are someone who is looking to be rewarded for your efforts, have a positive attitude, and have a couple of hours a day to devote to a new venture,
reach out to us today. 









"After 15 yrs in MLM, I returned to a waged job feeling discouraged at not seeing the reward for all my effort but I knew working for someone else wasn't going to create the lifestyle I wanted. With the simple system, training and support, this online business has enabled me to earn an executive-level income with flexible part-time hours." -  

Rebecca Kirner 

"I was looking for an opportunity to create more time and money whilst working from home, around my life as a dad to a blended family of 5. We longed for greater success and financial freedom. I found success early here, in my first 6 months of business I was profitable and self sustaining. I'm grateful for the opportunity and love what I do.

Simon Haggard

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